DNA Ladder LMW Plus

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Cat # BB-D40 50 µg (500 µl) Contact Us
Cat # BB-D41 2 X 50 µg (1 ml) Contact Us


Concentration: 0.1μg/μl
Storage: -20°C

This ready to load low molecular weight DNA ladder contains thirteen bands (3000bp, 2000bp, 1500bp, 1000bp, 900bp, 800bp, 700bp, 600bp, 500bp, 400bp, 300bp, 200bp, and 100bp). This DNA ladder premixed with loading dye (Bromophenol blue and Xylene Cyanol) can be used for direct loading on gel (~5 µl/ lane).
Note: 5 µl (i.e. 500 ng) loading is recommended.


DNA Ladder LMW Plus